This year will be a very different Ramadan for Leicester’s Muslims

This year will mark a very different Ramadan for many Muslims across Leicester after the government extended the coronavirus restrictions by another three weeks.

Muslims across the county will observe the Holy month by fasting for four weeks during daylight hours from today.

However, Ramadan will be a very different experience for Muslims this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Many Muslims would normally attend Mosques for congregational prayers throughout the month. However, due to the ongoing pandemic all places of worship have remained closed.

Furthermore, government advice on social distancing means Muslims are unable to gather with family and friends during this month. 

The Muslim Council of Britain have said being away from loved ones during this blessed month will no doubt be difficult, but we must all stay at home to save lives. 

The organisation has set out guidelines to help people observing the fast.

It is unlikely social distancing rules will be lifted during Ramadan and therefore it is essential we all stay home and keep safe.

In the government’s daily briefing today, Health Secretary Matt Hancock spoke directly to the British Muslim community.

He said: “This Ramadan many Muslims who serve their country in the NHS and the armed forces and in so many other ways, will not be sharing the joy of this month as they normally do.”

“I want to say to all British Muslims thank you for staying at home, I know how important the daily Iftar is, how important communal prayers are at night and how important the Eid festival is.”

“Thank you for making changes to these vital parts of your practise. I want to say to you all, Ramadan Mubarak. Thank you for your service and citizenship and thank you for your sacrifice.”