Leicester restaurant offers free food for NHS workers during lockdown

More restaurant in Leicester

A restaurant in Leicester has given out more than 6,000 free meals to NHS staff over the last two weeks.

More restaurant on London Road is showing it’s appreciation for the amazing work NHS staff are doing by offering free meals to them.

NHS workers can choose between one of four meals, including a vegetarian or meat option, between Monday and Friday. 

The restaurant has also given over 1,500 meals to the homeless and 1,800 meals to the elderly and vulnerable in the community.

The gesture has been hugely appreciated, with one NHS worker saying it has helped to “boost staff morale’ and is “quite humbling”.

She said: “We are working uncertain hours at the moment, it’s quite scary as well, and knowing we’re getting the support of these businesses, especially giving us food, it boosts staff morale and gives us a good feeling and it’s quite humbling in a way.”

The owner of the restaurant said: “I have a deep appreciation of what the NHS does, in fact all frontline staff.”

“If I could I would like to be able to it for the Police and all the others, everyone who has to be out there and is doing a fantastic job. I think we all need to pull our weight.”

The restaurant has now set up a gofundme page, to help continue to offer free meals to nurses, doctors and NHS staff working on the frontline. You can donate to this fundraiser here.

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